Esker Software


Esker is a company that specialises in the development of software products and solutions. We are here to help you, whether you are bringing a new product to the market or leveraging legacy products and extending their life.

We have extensive experience ranging over the last 30 years and have worked on, and lead, the development of a variety of large scale product development projects.

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Business Areas

Software Consultancy:

If you develop software products then Esker can advise you through any of the different product development phases like architecture, function specification, design, implementation, test and verification.

Telecom Software solutions:

Esker has been involved in the development of telecom software solutions for over 20 years. Focusing in areas such as network management,  fraud management, revenue assurance and billing.

Technical evaluations:

Are you in the process of acquiring a new product, a new company with products, merge legacy solutions into next generation products... If so we can help you with our expert, independent technical evaluation capabilities.

Outsourced software development:

If you require more extensive assistance in your software development then Esker would welcome the opportunity to provide a competitive offer to develop your software (or parts) on your behalf.

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